Friday, April 07, 2006

The Internal Baggage Project

The attempt of this project is to force many Americans to examine their images of and beliefs about blacks. To encourage mental change and viewpoints of disturbing, negative stereotypes that has festered in the minds of American society through visual documentation and interpretation. The Internal Baggage Project was not created to shock, shame, or anger, but to lead to a deeper understanding of the historical racial divide. To recognize the obvious discriminating practices that occurs in American society and abroad in three areas of concentration.

The Plight of the Black Woman; The Disintegrating Black Family: The third part of the Internal baggage project deals with the struggles of single parent families and how the black man is absent from the family structure. The sole responsibility of raising children is left upon the black women.

I’ve been involved with several projects that deal with racial identity within the black community. It has become a personal, therapeutic work in progress that has grown into a project that deals with the struggles of single parent families and how the black man is absent from the family structure and the sole responsibility of raising children is left upon the shoulders of black women. I will attempt to identify this common social problem in the black community threw open dialogue, testimony and your combined participation of your experiences.

I’m in need of intellectual stimulating conversation and idealist structural solutions to social problems within the black community. I believe the majority of you have first hand experience with this historical social construct. What I’m looking for is truth, answers and solutions to the growing problem of why you’re "holding down the fort" in the first place. You are single, divorced, widowed, separated. You’re a mother of 1 to 1+ children. For what ever reason the relationship between you and the father of your kids did not work out. You have moved on within your spirit and have accepted this role of solo parent. You have taken on the full responsibility by yourself of raising your children to be productive, well-educated, very diversified and independent leaders of our future. You’re aware that a child needs a village, a mother and a father. The many that don’t have these basic essentials are at a phenomenal disadvantage in society. You are in need of a companion, a night in shinning armor that will step up to the plate for you and your children. You realize that the need for a mate is critical and honestly ladies, no one wants to be alone.

My question to you is, how did this happen? WHY, Why has he turned his back, abandoned, cheated, did not accept the responsibility as a father, provider, companion. Is a black man accountable for raising his children? Most black men are not. Why are a lot of black men abandoning their families? Is he incarcerated? Is he insecure and has no clue about parenting? Is he a thug, mama’s boy, lost? Does he express a hidden hatred towards women due to his upbringing? Did he fill trapped? Is it your fault? Is it some imbedded historical tendency that is generational within the black family? What ever the surface or outer reason was, their exists an inner, almost self-hatred reason that I would like to identify threw open dialogue. How do you fill about this abandonment? Has this affected you in your decisions on trusting black men? How does the absence of a father affect you and your children? What are some of your personal experiences with these situations? Do you or have you thought of any solutions about this? Your participation is greatly needed. You can leave feedback and personal testimonies threw this site. Please dive in!

Thank You